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KT_Ben_Muthofer_01Since then, the activities of TSKN have been focused on culture awareness, education and politic issues among the people in all age groups.  The organization does not involve only the members of the association in the projects but also external people. The aim of TSKN is to organize, support and aid people with the initiating of cultural activities. The organization aims also to develop the system of German education, promote the bilingualism among the people from Opole Silesia and enhance cultural areas shared for instant by DFK. Because of the fact that DFKs are mostly the places in which the people get together in order to spend time in the DFK’s library or language school, TSKN aims to aid the inhabitants with enriching of their cultural lives. The general objective of the cultural Programme of TSKN shall be to promote the German culture and the culture of KT_Ben_Muthofer_01the German Minority among the residents of Poland, become strong uniting bond between them and the country from which they come originally, carry on the tradition connected with Opole Siliesia, change the negative perceiving of German people in Poland and cooperate with local government and other NGOs operating in this region.

The most important projects organizing by The Social-Cultural Society of Germans in Opole Silesia are Days of the German Culture in Opole Silesia, All-Poland Literary.

Contest named “In the language of your heart”, German Song Contest “SUPERSTAR”,  German Language Competition for Adults and German Recitation Contest “Youth recites a poem”. There are also two new projects, which have gained in popularity. The first one is “Miro Deutsche Fussbalschule” and the second one “Bajkowe Noce” (Fairytale nights). 

There are also a lot of artists cooperating with The Social-Cultural Society of Germans in Opole Silesia. Their activities are focused on participation in the orchestra, choir and vocal groups. The last one is represented by the youth group of singers, pairs of them or by the soloists. 

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